Bala - Paradise For Health & Beauty

Bala - A beauty paradise from Vietnam aiming to inspire "a healthy and beautiful life" for millions of customers. Bala offers reliable shopping experiences with hundreds of high-quality and well-priced genuine beauty product lines, as well as impeccable customer service.


Bala and Customer Attraction Factors

Besides being a prestigious Health & Beauty franchise store chain, Bala also provides significant experiences, such as:

Shop at Bala Shop System Nationwide
Shop Online with a Friendly and Convenient Shopping Interface
Over 10,000 Prestigious and Quality Products
Consulting Team Sales are Dedicated

Outstanding and Assertive Advantages of Bala

  • Diverse beauty cosmetics, skin care, body care, health products.
  • Dedicated customer service.
  • Customers can inspect and exchange goods.
  • Appealing and lively store display as a highlight to create customer satisfaction.
  • Accompanying many famous brands: Shiseido, Kosé, Yves Rocher, Solgar, Estee Lauder, M.A.C, L'Oreal, OHUI, Detox Blanc, Biyokea essential oil, Ajmal,...

Domestic and Foreign Partners

shiseido loreal ohui mac kose lauder detoxblanc yves rocher solgar biyokea ajmal